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Welcome to CSO Consultancy Africa

CSO Consultancy Africa CC is a consulting firm offering a variety of innovative services to improve and strengthen the CSO/NGO sector in Southern Africa. Our growing network of skilled and experienced development associates in Southern Africa enables us to offer our services across the SADC region. We take time to understand our clients, the work they do and the areas they work in so that when we do intervene, our interventions are relevant, practical and meaningful.

Our main areas of work are:

  1. Project monitoring and evaluation services and strategic planning
  2. Corporate governance training for CSO boards
  3. Organisational development and needs based training
  4. Recruitment services to the CSOs
  5. For donors we offer a pre funding organisational/risk analysis of proposed grantee
  6. Rape avoidance Seminars, these are offered to private companies, individuals and schools.

We understand that establishing a non profit organisation is only the beginning; the real work is making non profit organisations work effectively in their chosen areas.